slamabad SEP 24, (APP) Stability of Pak-afghan relation go hand-in-hand and the way forward is through mutual understanding and good working relations.

The concept of improved regional connectivity, prospects of Belt and Road initiative, especially CPEC, will only materialize if there is an end to the political turmoil and war in Afghanistan.

“The interests of both nations overlap, peace in Afghanistan, guarantees prosperity in Pakistan, vice versa.”

Future of Afghan peace now largely depends on US policy under President Trump and the Afghan elections.

Both are likely to determine the nature of Pak-Afghan relations as well.

Besides reconciliation, other issues including management of the border, the fence, Afghan transit trade facilities also need to be worked out with Afghan counterparts.

This is time for active diplomacy and our friends can help. But success will rest on the clarity of our position.


VNS Islamabad