ISLAMABAD, Jan 04(APP):  Pakistan’s economy   and   industry also witness a sharp recovery following the global recession due to covid 19. In 2020,

Current Account Balance (Jul-Nov)

$1.6 billion SURPLUS (FY21) 🟢

$7.2 billion DEFICIT (FY18)

Remittances (Jul-Nov)

$11.8 billion 27% ⬆️

Exports (Jul-Dec)

$12.1 billion 5% ⬆️

Large Scale Manufacturing (July-Oct)

6.7% ⬆️

Foreign Exchange Reserves crossed $13 billion, highest since February 2018

Textile industry operating at full capacity, 80,000 power looms opened (50,000 old re-opened, 30,000 new ones). Cement industry operating at full capacity, witnessing record orders. Vehicle, motorbikes, rickshaw sales rising. Tax revenue rising. Energy Relief Package for industries to encourage exports for sustainable economic growth.