ISLAMABAD, July 24 (APP): This First-ever urdu software titled ‘Harf Kaar’ with an advanced programme of detecting and correcting grammatical errors and anomalies in Urdu diction will be launched soon. The Urdu software is the result of joint efforts by noted poet and writer Akhtar Raza Saleemi and eminent software programmer Saeed Raza Khan.

The software has been designed keeping in view the global digital needs of Urdu writers and poets. With one click, the programme will auto-correct all the errors in Urdu diction, proof and expression.

Talking to APP, Akhtar Saleemi said, the software will not only point out or correct Urdu diction and proof errors, it will also pave the way for uniform, error-free and up-to-date Urdu expressions.

VNS Islamabad