CHITRAL: Aug 24 (APP): Not only did a large number of tourists from all over the country come to see the annual religious festival of the Kailash tribe, Ochal, but this time a large number of assembly members and provincial ministers also enjoyed the festival. The annual festival of the Kailash people began in Kalash Valley of Rambor and ended at Bumborat. In this festival, Kailash women and men performed traditional dances and sang religious songs. While the young boys beating the drums.

A large number of parliamentarians had also come to Chitral to watch the festival at the invitation of Wazirzada  Special Assistant to CM on  Minority Affairs. Among them are Shaukat Yousafzai, Provincial Minister for Industries and Crafts, Mohammad Arif Mohammad Zai, Minister for Minerals, Taj Mohammad Khan Tarand, Special Assistant to Chief Minister, on prison, Mian Sharaf Khan, Member Provincial Assembly, Kalam, Special Secretary for Health, Dr. Mohammad Farooq Jamil and others.

In addition to Inspector General of Prisons Masood-ur-Rehman and other officers, people from the Sikh, Hindu and Bhai communities also attended the festival.

On the arrival of these guests in Rumbor, the Kailash women, according to their tradition, honored them by putting a colorful bandage around their necks called shamini.

Provincial Minister Shaukat Yousafzai told our correspondent that I must have heard about the Kailash culture but had not seen it. I came here for the first time today and was not only amused to see their culture but also impressed that it Is existing only  in Pakistan. There is also this kind of rare culture. He said that this is the culture that you will not find anywhere else in the world. We are lucky that this culture is with us and it is safe till now. It also gives a good impression of Pakistan around the world that our country. Victims of terrorism but minorities are safe. However, the route we have taken is very bad. Unfortunately, previous governments have not developed tourism. Now the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has a vision that he wants to develop tourism and build roads for it. He also thanked Chief Minister Mehmood Khan who has allocated Rs 4 billion for these roads and in the next two months  work will  be begin.

He said that Minister for Minority Affairs, who belongs to this community  Wazirzada Kailash has a big role in this and he keeps drawing the attention of the Chief Minister towards uplifting of Kalash valleys. .

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Secretary Information Jawad Ahmed said that today I had the opportunity to see a unique and unique culture which I am very happy to see. He said that it was the duty of the Pakistani rulers and the entire nation to preserve this culture and save it from extinction. He said that for the first time Imran Khan has selected a person from the Kailash Valley for the Ministry of Minority Affairs, which means that Imran Khan is very committed to the development of this culture and tourism. However, the roads in Kailash Valley are very narrow and dangerous. I had no idea that this road is so narrow and dangerous. However, I know that the present government has allocated funds for the construction of this road and work on it will start soon.

Special Assistant to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Minority Affairs Wazir  Zada Kailash said that the provincial government has selected the Minister for Minority Affairs from the Kailash tribe and Chief Minister Mehmood Khan is also very interested in the development of Kailash culture. and for construction of  religious places, he had given Rs. 60 million last year. Now, once again, he has given a grant of Rs. 47 million and the number of religious leaders of Kailash has been increased to 74.  He said that 30 Thousands of rupees are being giving to Qazi  and young couples who get married are given Rs. 40,000 per couple as marriage grant. Similarly, we have also allocated funds for widows to support them..

He further said that for the development of this area, land is purchased on the orders of the Chief Minister and work on construction of the road will start in two months. The present government has also tendered it regularly NOC also issued to hand over this road to NHA.     The present government has a lot of services for Chitral in which the formation of Upper Chitral District is a big step.

Pakistan is a very suitable country for tourism and there are a lot of opportunities for tourists. “We have abolished the NOC requirement on the arrival of tourists to encourage them and will further develop tourism by recruiting tourism police,” Wazirzada said. “I am proud to be a Pakistani and a Kailash,” he said. He also sent a message to neighboring India to learn the protection of the rights of minorities from Pakistan. Our festival is being celebrated here and Muslims come and congratulate us.

Provincial Minister Mohammad Arif Mohammad Zai said, “I saw the Kailash Valley for the first time and also saw their religious festival, which I enjoyed a lot.” We also have the Minister of Culture and he also wants to further develop this culture.

He said that the provincial government has given importance to Kailash culture and included it in the cabinet and the roads here will be constructed very soon and people will soon see what our government is doing for the development of Kailash valley.

“This is the first time I have come to see this festival. I want this culture to be further developed and as much as we will promote tourism, It will have a very good effect on the economy. He said that there are four seasons in Pakistan and naturally many areas are very beautiful and these roads will be constructed during our five years rule. “Our government’s priority is to improve roads and promote tourism as much as possible,” he said. Replying to a question, he said that our opponents were spreading false propaganda that the Chitral Expressway had been shifted from Chakdara to Swat. This was totally wrong information’s  and the people would soon see that the road to Chitral would be built under the same government.

Malala Akhtari, a member of the Baha’i community, also came from Peshawar to watch the festival. She said that the concept of minority and majority was slowly disappearing in our country and all Pakistanis would have equal rights in our country. Malala Akhtar said that the government should first build a road in the valley to reduce the problems of tourists and because of this we can get closer to each other.

Dr. Sahib Singh is also the provincial president of the National Peace Commission for Minorities. He was also present among the tourists. He said that in the presence of Muslims, the people of Kailash can celebrate their festivals and rituals with great freedom. He also conveyed a message to India to learn from Pakistan that the number of Kailash was very low earlier but now it is increasing again.

Madiha Arsalan is from Islamabad. Her organization strives to promote tourism and culture. She praised the valley and the Kailash culture that everything is there. They need to be channelized to further develop the region. Will do

Samina Aslam has also come to see the Kailash Cultural Festival. She says that she is sorry why I did not come first. Kailash is famous all over the world for its distinctive dress, culture and politeness and delicacy of its nature and I invite all tourists to come to Kailash and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, culture and beautiful scenery. Enjoy

Sony Aslam has also come from Gilgit-Baltistan to witness the festival. Expressing his happiness, he also demanded the government to pay attention to these roads and improve them so that tourists do not have any problem in coming and going.

His Amjad has also come from Lahore. She has come to Chitral with a group of twenty tourists who have reached Kailash Valley to see this festival. He said that this is a very beautiful area, the people here are good, the fruits are good and the people are hospitable. “The road is very bad and if the road gets better, a lot of people will come here because of it,” he said. There are places in our country that no one has seen yet.

Bashir Ahmed has come from Jaranwala district of Faisalabad with his colleagues and is watching the Kailash Mela. He was very happy to come here but complained the same way.

Dr. Mian Shafiq Akhtar also belongs to Jaranwala and praised Kailash Valley but was disappointed with the poor condition of the road. He said that if these roads are improved then more and more tourists will come here.

A large number of tourists, mostly women, came to see the Ochal in the Kailash Valley

And they were enjoying it.

The annual festival of the Kailash tribe, Achal, came to an end with all its delicacies and colors, but the beauty of the Kailash people left an indelible mark on their hearts that will never leave them behind and drag them here every year. Will force